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12 Days of Christmas

Dec 1st

It’s time to write that letter to Father Christmas , There will be an express post box to the north pole outside the Cricketers to ensure the bearded one hears all your wishes.

Dec 2nd

Re- Gifting ,Christmas is a time for giving as well as receiving. In order to make space for Santa’s delivery , spend a little time deciding what you would like to give to someone less fortunate than yourself.

Dec 3rd

The Cricketers Re-opens YAY ,  Be Santa for a day and bring those toys & games you have decided to gift.

Dec 4th

Window Decorating , We’ve had Rainbows & Pumpkins , now let’s have Christmas , Decorate your windows with your best Christmas pictures for all to see

Dec 5th

Time for a nice family walk , enjoy your friends and neighbours Christmas decorations & see how many windows you can count have that have put up their Christmas pictures

Dec 6th

Sunday Funday : Let’s see who can make some fun Christmas decorations out of all that excess toilet paper their parents panic bought this year 😊 Please post your pictures on the Cricketers FB page – We can’t wait to see them

Dec 7th

Time to Appreciate those around us , write or make a Christmas card for your teachers or a neighbour – Spread the Christmas love

Dec 8th

Festive Foodbank , many people are struggling this year and do not have much to go around, can your pocket money stretch to help them ? We will have a collection point from 3pm

Dec 9th

Mistletoe Kisses , Hang mistletoe around your house and see how many times you can hug & kiss your family as you pass underneath it.

Dec 10th

The Cricketers Christmas tree is going to need decorating . Please make us a decoration to hang on the tree on the day of the Christmas party

Dec 11th

Christmas Dress up Day , it’s Christmas jumper day at school , get the family involved and see how creative you can be , post the pictures on FB page for us all to see

Dec 12th

Party Time !! come and hang your decorations on our tree , make Christingles , play Christmas bingo & Enjoy Carols.  Oh and we hear Father Christmas may also be making an appearance.



For food bank & gifting The Cricketers Arms,  in conjunction with St Peter ad Vincula, will distribute amongst appropriate charities.

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